Nippon TV to attend DISCOP Istanbul for first time

Louise Duffy | 20-02-2014

Nippon TV will be attending the upcoming DISCOP Istanbul for the first time, with plans to sell the scripted formats to many of its dramas.

Attending on behalf of Nippon TV will be Sue Fujimoto, managing director, international business development, and Ayako Tajima, manager, international business development.

“By participating in DISCOP Istanbul, we hope that TV stations and production companies in Europe, Turkey and the Middle East can get to know that Nippon TV has high quality dramas, with unique storylines and ideas that are well thought out and well written, that will work well in countries around the world,” said Tajima. “In general, Japanese dramas have not been remade outside of Asia, but we think that this is because there have not been many chances to present them outside of Asia. DISCOP Istanbul is the perfect opportunity to showcase our dramas.”

The drama series that Nippon TV will be offering as scripted formats include: My Little Nightmare, a family drama about a teacher and her student who has the ability to predict the future through her dreams; I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper, a mysterious housekeeper who follows all orders given by her clients, no matter how eccentric or irrational, puzzling the families she works with; The Pride of the Temp, a workplace comedy drama; and The L Rules – 50 Words of Advice, Japan’s take on Sex and the City.