Hello all

Like many I am a newbie when it comes to satellite receivers and I have few questions I'd like some experienced peeps to help me with.

We have bought a receiver some time ago and as part of the installation package we had all the channels unblocked for 180 days ( we would get a count down display with xxx remaining day every time we turned it on ) now that we have ran out of days and can only watch basic channels I started going into the options and having a look around.

I'd like few things explained to me, we have a SuperBox SB9000 HD multimedia device Image
now I've read that most of these devices are a clone/emulator of another if so does anyone know which device's clone We own?

In the Information Display This is what I get.
Model ID : ALi_3602
S/W Version : ALI_HD2-EM-VER1.0
H/W version : M3602C 1.1.6
Loader version : Sep 13 2011 18:05:35
CHIP ID : 1508b4a77c5d1010
STB ID : 06030400 : 0b38ba
Panel Version : 0218010a

Also every time i booted we had a Wallpaper-like display that said Proton and a potrait of a female with a bird.
I backed-up my firmware and installed the latest one I could find ( ALI3602_06030400_superbox_middle_east_ps_xwindow_1 .4.18 )now it says Superbox when I boot.

Did we have a custom firmware before now ? the post-boot was different and so was the setting menu.
What firmwares Can I install on my device.

Any light on my posted question would be greatly appreciated.