Keshet sells Prisoners of War to Korea's Star J Entertainment

Rebecca Hawkes | 21-02-2014

Prisoners of War, the Israeli TV drama upon which the Emmy award-winning Homeland is based, has been sold by distributor Keshet International to Korea's Star J Entertainment.

The Korean version of Prisoners of War will be produced by Youngbeom Jeong, Sebastian Lee and Teddy Zee, and will star Nam-gil Kim, who played Bidam in the Korean drama Queen Seondeokand.

"We believe that the ongoing conflict between South Korea and North Korea makes the adaptation of Prisoners of War especially compelling and timely," said Teddy Zee, Hollywood-based producer and former studio executive.

Sebastian Lee, producer, co-founder of EnterMedia Contents and international consultant for ABC Networks added: "With this cooperation with Keshet, we hope to expand the influence of the so-called Korean Wave in Asia and beyond."

Prisoners of War has already been adapted in Russia (WeitMedia), Turkey (Medyapim) and the US (Fox21 and Showtime - Homeland). The show has sold to more than 20 territories including the UK (Sky Arts), Australia (SBS), Brazil (Globosat), Arte (German and French-speaking Europe) and Norway (NRK). It is also available online via Hulu, Netflix Scandinavia, Universal Pictures in German-speaking Europe and iTunes Canada.

Alon Shtruzman, CEO, Keshet International, said: "We are very excited about the first Asian adaptation of Prisoners of War, I look forward to seeing how the Koreans interpret this incredible story. It's a gem in our portfolio which is continuously evolving and extending its lifecycle internationally."

The show follows two soldiers as they attempt to re-adjust to their home lives after 17 years in captivity and carrying a deep secret. The first two seasons of Prisoners of War were Israel's highest-rated television dramas in 2011 and 2012, registering a 47.9% audience share during the season two finale.