Indie cablecos begin trials of coax-to-optical conversion tech

Michelle Clancy | 21-02-2014

Several independent cable MSOs have begun trials of 4Cable TV's RF2F technology for extending the life and reach of legacy cabling.

4Cable TV is able to extend RF TV networks' end of line service areas by converting coaxial cable service back to fibre optic, thus allowing up to 10,000 foot drops, enabling subscribers to be connected far outside the 300ft signal transmission barrier that exists with traditional cable drops. Its primary business benefit is that cable TV providers can in theory acquire new customers in remote areas at a much lower cost than traditional methods.

"Cable and broadband companies are continually looking for innovative ways to grow their subscriber bases," said Steven Richey, president of 4Cable. "Those customers who fall just outside their network reach are natural targets and in many cases are demanding access to their products and services, particularly those that deliver high speed Internet and increased bandwidth."

Richey said that there are roughly five million line extension openings in the US alone, making way for growth opportunity for cable companies wanting to add subscribers to their systems.

"Several companies have installed line extensions on a trial basis using our RF2F as a way to grow their subscriber bases," said Gene Faulkner, vice president of sales and marketing at 4Cable. "Connecting a new customer, or group of customers, for under $1,000 is extremely attractive in an era when some cable companies are spending billions of dollars to acquire their competitors' subscribers."