Forbes Living TV to focus on holistic health

Parent Category: News | 21-02-2014

Forbes Living TV is to launch as an online digital TV series, sharing practical tools, tips, and information to guide viewers to their ultimate goal of total health.

"While the word 'health' often prompts thoughts about diet and exercise, there's more to achieving health than through nutrition and physical activity," the channel said. "Though these are certainly big contributors, it's important to attain overall wellness in every aspect of our lives. That includes physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellbeing. To reach our personal best, we must look inward and make changes to our lifestyle. The path to complete health is a journey, and it takes one small step to get started. The choices we make and actions we take to improve our total health can benefit us today, tomorrow, and for years to come."

Riley is an inductee in the Fitness Hall of Fame, the successful businesswoman behind the popular Spin Gym and the author of E.A.T. A Journal for What You Eat and What's Eating You. She also has a regular presence on networks including ESPN, TLC, Fit-TV, Animal Planet, ABC Family, and Home Shopping Network.