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Thread: Dm800hd pvr

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    Dm800hd pvr

    I purchased a DM800HD PVR from ebay. I was assured that this was a genuine Dreambox from the seller. What is the best way of telling if this is a genuine receiver.
    Also what Image would anybody recommend to download onto the receiver. I currently have a DM500S which is set via a diseque switch to take inputs from a motorised dish and a fixed dish pointing at Sky UK. I this easy to set up on a DM800HD? Is there any tutorials or help files which could give me info on how to do this, as I tried in the past and gave up as the settings are different from the DM500S. Thanks to anybody who can give me answers to any of my queries..

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    Re: Dm800hd pvr

    Hi stum,

    There is a program-test called guenuine dreambox on all images (maybe as addon)
    run this prog & enter mac-adress sticked downside.
    Wait for result.

    Have a look on dreambox/images/800hdPVR section for a guenuine part.
    Otherwise use an image for clones (without time bomb)

    Settings for 800 are similars to 500. Just set disecq same as 500.
    If you need to use twice (500 & 800) use a signal amplifier to get twice strong enough. (cascaded In /out wiring is not a good solution)


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