TMS to provide metadata for the Filter's TV search and recommendation engine

Michelle Clancy | 27-02-2014

TMS, the entertainment navigation supplier, has inked a partnership agreement with the Filter for TV search and content discovery /recommendations.

The Filter will use TMS' On Entertainment metadata for the UK and Sweden, including TV show and episode information, movie information, keywords and recommendations. Industry-standard TMS Unique IDs synchronise entertainment assets across multiple datasets enabling discoverability across linear TV, video-on-demand (VOD) and online content.

Based in the UK, The Filter works with a range of customers including BT, Nokia and Vudu, whose guides and user interfaces have delivered more than one billion targeted content recommendations to more than 150 million end users internationally. It provides relevant recommendations tailored to households or individuals through proprietary Taste Profiles.

"By connecting entertainment consumers with highly relevant and personalised content choices, the Filter is able to ensure the success of its valued provider customers," said James Routley, CEO of The Filter. "Key to all our recommendations is high quality entertainment metadata – and we consider TMS' offerings to be best of breed."