Bouygues Telecom introduces low-cost triple-play offer

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 27-02-2014

French telco Bouygues Telecom may well be starting a price war by introducing a triple-play offering at €19.99 per month, 33% lower than prices of competing operators.

The new fee includes high speed broadband, up to 165 TV channels as well as unlimited fixed phone calls in France and to 121 countries. Calling mobile phones will cost an additional €6.

In the summer, the telco also plans to announce a new fibre offering based on a technological innovation that will allow it to offer lower prices, and in September a new box is set to be introduced.

Bouygues Telecom claims two million customers for fixed broadband, while low-cost challenger Free already has 5.6 million clients.

Following 2012 which closed with a €14 million loss, Bouygues Telecom posted a net profit of € 11 million for 2013.

The annual revenue is still down 11% to €4.6 billion.

The group says that it has passed the million mark for subscribers to 4G since the service launched on 1 October 2013.