Eurochannel expands to Africa and in Europe

February 28, 2014 08.52 Europe/London By Robert Briel

EurochannelEurochannel has announced that it will be expanding to Africa in February, and it will also soon be expanding into Europe.

The channel, which specialises in European movies, music, and television series, will be available on networks from Montage TV in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Eurochannel also signed an agreement with UndatedTV to increase its coverage in Nigeria.

In Europe, Eurochannel is launching in Estonia as part of tyhe line-up of STV. This follows earlier deals in Albania (on Tring) and Iceland (on 365).

In Poland, Eurochannel will be adding Tele Piast in Gdansk and Domel Media in Lodsz. This follows earlier deals with six local operators: Netia, Mavip, Stowarzyszenie KSTS, BOY, Isko and Aura and Pulawska.

In the Balkans the channel is now carried on PTT Serbja in Serbia and MTel in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

“These last months have been a time of great achievements for Eurochannel, with many new additions in Europe. We are very proud to be now available in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iceland, Estonia and Albania.” said says Gustavo Vainstein, CEO of Eurochannel.

“We are excited to be soon available in more European countries. With these new countries, we are sharing throughout Europe the beauty and power of European cinema. We also strengthened our position in many countries thanks to agreements with new operators. Beside Europe, Africa is now becoming an important market for Eurochannel, and we are proud to promote European production there.”