Fashion One rebrands as F.O. in Europe

February 28, 2014 09.01 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Fashion One, banned from Europe
Fashio One, banned from Europe
Fashion One will be renaming as F.O., in the European Union, the broadcaster said.

“The decision was made partly due to an injunction issued in a lower court in Austria in late January,” said Fashion One, CEO, Ms Ashley Jordan, in a statement. Apparently, competitor Fashion TV has launched legal proceedings against Fashion One.

“The injunction requires a temporary rename in the countries of the EU, but does not impact the network’s broadcasts outside the EU including in the Americas and across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the rest of Europe.

“We are appealing the injunction. In the meantime, this gives us the opportunity to focus on the EU and specifically target the region.

“Viewers in the EU can expect more original programming than ever created in Europe just for them. We are heavily investing in localisation. Fashion is ‘global’ but audiences want to receive programming that relates to their region, culture and unique style, and is in their native language.”

Fashion One was launched in April 2010 and is now distributed in over 120 countries worldwide.