Approval for BBC Store

February 28, 2014 11.00 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Shows such as Sherlock could be available to download.

The BBC Trust has given its backing to proposals from the BBC Executive to launch a new online commercial service to allow audiences to buy and keep BBC programmes.

Operated by the BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, the store will allow the purchase of new and archive content. It will be separate from the BBC iPlayer, which will continue to remain free to use, and is in the process of extending its window to 28 days from the present seven subject to Trust approval.

“The BBC needs to respond to significant changes in the way audiences now buy programmes. The creation of BBC Store will enable it to do so, and to release a greater selection of classic shows from the BBC archive,” said Suzanna Taverne, lead trustee on the assessment.

“In considering BBC Store, the Trust conducted a robust assessment and sought the advice of external parties. It concluded that BBC Store is a worthwhile commercial service that supplements what the BBC makes available through the licence fee and promises to bring value not only to audiences but also to the wider creative industries.”

In the long-term it can be expected that the BBC Store will be extended globally, replacing the Global iPlayer.