First of all, I'm new member here and I wanna to say hello to all members.
I didn't find section for it and I use this part of my post for that.
Namely, I have problem with Edison argus mini and CCcam. Receiver working like client and on it CCcam working correctly without freeze, but receiver have spend to much ECMs .
Especialy on NAGRA coding ( 1702 and 1830 ). For one hours one receiver spent more than 10000 ECMs ( more than one big server ).
Maybe some of you have the same problem and have you know what can I do for solve my problem.
I can't understand why happening it and I'm little bit frustrated.

In this moment I don't know which firmware into box, but if is necessary I will find out and put here

I need information which fw is good and normal ( tested and sure )

Thanks in advance