hello everyone,
ok i need a little help if there is anybody willing enough, i have managed to dump my D+ rom110 ac1 with Rom110studio v2 in the A000 range. (all seems to have gone well).

then i loaded dump into 'dump.info' and 'GenDT08' to get my IRD,BK but i dont have 1. the ird and bk are blank all 0000000's. this has led me to belive i have virgin (never been paired) card. and i do n ot have a box to activate it in.

next i had a read of 'MANUAL PARA MOSC DE TARJETAS ROM-110 NO ACTIVADAS_by_BQ_TEAM_pten' and that tells me that if my ird and bk are blank i need to get a activated ac1 dump??? is this correct? i have searched all over the internet for a ac1 dump but have come up empty handed. can anyone help me out???

am i going in the right direction? or am i barking up the wrong tree?

please do not be shy at offering your help, cheers guys