Internet mostly browsed on mobile devices in Spain

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28-02-2014

Mobile devices are the main browsing platform used by most Spanish people, although smart TVs are increasing in importance and are used by 14.1%, mostly to watch streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) content.

According to the latest report from AIMC, 85.5% of the Spanish population use mobile phones daily to surf and 43% also use tablets. And, as has been noticed globally, mobile screens are growing unstoppably, while PCs are gradually losing users.

Although they are still far from the smallest smart devices, connected TV screens are also gaining importance among Spain's Internet consumers and this has also been noted in research by IAB.

According to AIMC, 76% of connected TV users have a smart TV, while the rest have other devices such as consoles or advanced set-top boxes. Over 81% use their devices to watch audiovisual content, live streaming and VOD, while almost 38% also use them to surf, 15.4% for social activities and nearly 12% to check the email.

Regarding social networks, Facebook is still the most popular platform, according to AIMC. Over 90% of social network users are on Mark Zuckerberg's platform, 45.1% use Twitter, 37.7% Google+, 24% Linkedin and 20% Instagram.

Google has confirmed its hegemony in Spain's Internet market. While Google+ increased its users by 7%, Chrome tops the most used browser ranking almost 30 points over Firefox and Explorer. Android has a market share of 72.9% (13.7% more than 2012).