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Thread: OpenSpa 3.0 VU+ DUO

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    OpenSpa 3.0 VU+ DUO

    OpenSpa 3.0

    What's new:
    - Opticum AX-ODIN (ODINM7) supported.
    - E3HD supported.
    - MKDigital XP1000 supported.
    - New MultiBoot (*Except Azbox).
    - New Skin Basic.
    - New installed plugin's selector.
    - New Videomode.
    - New Audioselection.
    - Added: VFDMOD for Duo2 display.
    - Added: Vuplus plugin Audioeffect.
    - Added: UserInterfacePositioner (OSD).
    - Added: Autoinstalling Inadyn.
    - Rewrite: Reading function in EPG mhw2. Now, you can download 7 days EPG again!.
    - Fix .srt subtitles.
    - Fix NFS mounts in AZBox.
    - Fix GS InputDeviceSetup.
    - Added: "fuse" installed.
    - Updated transtreamproxy, needed in Duo2 & Solo2 to transcoding.
    - CronManager it's out of OpenSPA plugins: now it's embedded in Enigma2.
    - LCD4Linux 3.9-r2.
    - Unabled access to "Update software".
    - Spanish language: Changed "Peliculas" to "Grabaciones" in SpzMenu.
    - Added: scrambled services icon in channellist (must be enabled in user options).
    - A new feature it's added in OpenSPA options to configure how many days epg will be shown in OpenSPA's ChannelSelection. For better performance, default is one day.
    - CCcamInfo and/or OscamInfo will be shown in Extensions menu when CCcam and/or OScam were installed.
    - Now, crashlogs are stored in /home/root/logs (next version, user will choose location to store it)
    - And small bugs fixed.


    - OpenSpa Menú: Horizontal menu allows access to all features of the STB.
    - TVWeb: Spanish services for TV "on demand".
    - Info Panel: Advanced information of the STB (network, storage, tuners, camds, ect).
    - EPG MHW2: Automatic 7-day MHW2 EPG (C+) downloader.
    - Downloads Panel: To download plugins, skins, picons, camds, ect directly from receiver.
    - File browser: Explore, move, copy... all files from the STB. It allows to install .ipk packages, and much more.
    - DTT USB's Manager: Automatic installation for tuners DTT-usb
    - Camd Manager: Manager for Camds/Emus
    - OpenSpa Meteo: Weather info plugin, embedded in the skin.
    - Mediacenter + IMDB: Playing video, audio and images, and allow to use IMDB integrated.
    - Installed Plugins selector: Select which plugins do you want to install during frw installation. Specially recommended for boxes with limited resources, such as Azbox.
    - Virtual Keyboard
    - Backups
    - Crond Manager
    - Swap Manager
    - Remote key Remapper
    - Zapping Historial
    - Add IPTV services
    - Flash Online
    - And many more...

    OpenSpa Menu

    Skin Basic: Second Infobar

    Skin Basic: Advanced information

    Channel Selection (Find the EPG: from January 28th to February 2nd)

    Installed Plugins Selector

    OpenSpa Info Panel



    Morser: git, enigma2 & plugins
    Darkmantk: git, kernel & enigma2
    Mpiero: OpenSpa plugins
    Pe.tardo: Languages
    Sergiri, Jpbravo & Evox: OpenSPA's plugins server maintainer & testing
    Fundi, Yersi, Nasky, Oscar_fl, Abdelsat, Mecha and all other testers and all who were reported bugs.

    All these who helped to maintain the forum and the server by donating


    VU+ Duo

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    Re: OpenSpa 3.0 VU+ DUO

    Hello, can I install this image on multiboot or must be in flash only?

    Regards :Samy

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