Yahoo!7 and Inivio in audience data parnership

Louise Duffy | 04-03-2014

Yahoo!7 and Inivio, the marketing services division of Veda, have announced a new partnership in Australia that will see Yahoo!7 leverage Veda’s offline data through Inivio to deliver highly targeted, effective online advertising to consumers.

Yahoo!7 will leverage its existing online data, addressable audience and targeting expertise with Inivio’s consumer insights from around 95% of the population. Collaboratively, Yahoo!7 and Inivio have launched BT Prospect, a new targeting product that will allow advertisers to predict an individual’s propensity to purchase, allowing them to target the right prospects at the right time based on insights derived from aggregate consumer data.

Emma Harrington, acting managing director, Yahoo!7, said, “Data isn’t getting bigger, it’s getting smarter. This partnership with Inivio enhances Yahoo!7’s data capability and extends our data sciences offering. For the past four years, Yahoo!7 has successfully led the market with our modelled behavioural targeting product. This new partnership allows Yahoo!7 to combine its world-class proprietary targeting technology and existing online data assets, with trusted online and offline data through Inivio."

Richard Harris, client engagement director, Inivio, said: “Yahoo!7 and Inivio are bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds in a way that allows advertisers to reach consumers based on their wants, needs, likes and, ultimately their purchase behaviour and attitudes across both worlds.”

“We’re excited about what this partnership will deliver to Australian advertisers. Inivio is able to draw on insights from around 95% of the population. The combination of Inivio’s data with Yahoo!7’s data and addressable audience enable Yahoo!7 to better target its audience."

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