AXN warms up Hannibal in Spain

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04-03-2014

AXN is getting ready to premiere the second season of Hannibal in Spain in a month's time and is warming up the audience by launching special video-on-demand (VOD) content related to the first season.

Under the title Carving Hannibal Up (Descuartizando Hannibal), the pay-TV channel will offer an episode of the first season each day, analysed by the series' experts. The content will be available VOD online, on AXN's website, and on the VOD platforms of Canal+, Movistar TV, Orange TV, ONO, Telecable, Totalchannel and R.

The series' second season has already premiered in the US, receiving similar audience figures to last year. The show didn't manage to drive great numbers, but its audience was always stable, which is why NBC decided to produce a second season for 2014.

Spain's pay-TV is slowly starting to use the VOD features to relaunch content and engage with the audience. FOX has lately deployed the same strategy for The Walking Dead and Da Vinci's Demons, while Canal+ Yomvi has also launched House of Cards on-demand.