Spanish TV ad market will be slow to recover

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 04-03-2014

After showing some growth during the last months of 2013, it seems that the advertising business in Spain won't fully recover this year.

According to Zenthinela panel, the general market will drop 3% during 2014, with pay-TV falling 0.8% and free-to-air (FTA) 1.9%.

Zenthinela's prediction pours cold water on the media business which was already celebrating the recovery, especially considering the same panel predicted a 0.8% growth for 2014 in December.

The panel, formed by advertising directors from Spanish media companies, pointed only to mobile and Internet markets as growth leaders. Mobile advertising will grow by 9.7% during 2014 and the Internet by 4.2%.

The situation for TV improved during the last months of 2013 and TV advertising investment grew by 4% in Q4, according to an i2p report. Grupo Planeta (a shareholder of Atresmedia) has 22.7% of the market share and Mediaset 20.9%.

Zenthinela's analysts point out that it's only a prediction and the markets general situation seems to be improving, although it is far from seeing solid recovery numbers. The panel believes the real market recovery will arrive by the end of 2014, probably around November or December.