DISCOP finds strategic partners

March 4, 2014 10.05 Europe/London By Chris Dziadul

Basic Lead has entered into strategic alliances in Turkey and South Africa, selling 50% of its content markets DISCOP Istanbul and DISCOP Africa to local partners.

Globus Fairs anDiscopd Congress, a major Istanbul-based trade show organizer, will co-own DISCOP Istanbul, whilst a group of South African investors will co-own DISCOP Africa.

According to Nat Kekana, one of DISCOP Africa’s new partners, “The next few years will bring enormous opportunities as digital services become increasingly common across a continent blessed by the world’s youngest population. And in a few years, DISCOP Africa has grown to become the only market where multiplatform entertainment business meets Africa.”

Hakan Adiguzel, president of Globus Fairs and Congress added, “Turkey has now become a major player in the global industry. As a marketplace for international content suppliers, as a production center with a plan to export $1 billion worth of TV content in the next decade, the city is now a strategic TV business hub for Central and Eastern Europe, Central and West Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.”

Meanwhile, Patrick Jucaud-Zuchowicki, Founder of the DISCOP Markets said, “Business in the regions we cover is where the future of our clients lies. Both Istanbul and Johannesburg have become influential centers of gravity and DISCOP’s groundbreaking alliances will also help develop deeper relationships with multinational brands and advertisers that have become vital to the continuous growth of international TV content business.”