ZTE gains IPTV leadership in VOD, STB, middleware

Editor | 05-03-2014

Telecoms equipment, network solutions and mobile devices provider ZTE has been ranked No 1 globally in three IPTV market segments, according to research released by Multimedia Research Group (MRG).

Analysing 955 IPTV service providers across the world, the 2013 edition of the IPTV Global Market Leader Report showed ZTE as market leader in the categories of middleware, video-on-demand (VOD) and set-top boxes (STBs).

VOD was found to be one of the most competitive of the six market segments, with 14 out of the 15 VOD companies each reporting over one million subscribers. ZTE is now the VOD leader with 20.6% global market share, while the former market leader Microsoft is now in the second position with 16.7%. The same two companies butted up in middleware with the same result, ZTE displacing Microsoft's Mediaroom from the top spot in the middleware segment with 22.7% market share. In the ultra-competitive STB segment, where 27 vendors compete, ZTE grabbed a 22.9% market share.

"Since the emergence of IPTV, ZTE has dedicated itself to R&D and market development in this field. The MRG MLR report is a key milestone highlighting ZTE as a global leader," said a delighted Frank Fang, ZTE VP. "With the advent of the LTE era and fibre deployment, ZTE will continue to deliver IPTV, OTT, mobile video and other innovative solutions and business models to help TV operators' customers to enjoy video services anytime and anywhere."