Videoland Unlimited launches on CAIWay

March 5, 2014 08.10 Europe/London By Robert Briel

videoland VODDutch CAIWay is the second cable network to launch the Videoland Unlimited S-VOD service.

Until now, CAIWay did not offer an on-demand movie service. Earlier, Delta Kabelcomfort launched Videoland Unlimited as the first cable operator. Delta also does not have its own movie VOD service.

Last August, RTL announced that the broadcaster has acquired 65% in The Entertainment Group (TEG), the company that owns and operates the on demand activities of Videoland.

At the moment, Videoland is part of the KPN IPTV service and is available on PCs and Macs and a number of smart TVs including Philips and Samsung (under the MovieMax brand).

The service will compete with the S-VOD services from Netflix and premium channels Film1 and HBO, that each offer on-demand content alongside the linear channels.

Other players on the VOD scene in The Netherlands include Pathe Thuis (owned by the Patrher cinemas), and SBS Broadcasting’s Veamer portal.

Earlier this year S-VOD service Ximon, which specialises in Dutch TV and movie content, ceased operations claiming a lack of interest from consumers.