Sales outside Europe grow Hispasat

March 5, 2014 11.42 Europe/London By Robert Briel

hispasat-dishSpanish satellite operator Hispasat achieved EUR201.4 million in revenues in 2013, up 0.57% compared to 2012.

Excluding the adverse exchange rate effect, this increase would have been 4.35%, evidencing the enormous sales efforts and the internationalisation boost.

The Latin American market accounted for 55.6% of revenues per space capacity (+2.4%), while Europe and North Africa for 44.4% (-2.2%). In 2008, before the economic crisis, these percentages were 31.5% and 68.5%, respectively.

According to Elena Pisonero, chairwoman Hispasat, “our decisive focus on internationalisation is enabling us to grow and counteract the adverse situation in our source markets. Although we continued to invest in 2013, we also intensified our sales efforts to reinforce our customer base with a more diversified and quality offering. This is how we will continue in the coming years.”

In 2013, EBITDA totalled 163.8 million euros, i.e up 1.68% on 2012. Therefore, the EBITDA margin continued to be more than 80% in 2013, wider than the sector average.
In 2013, the investments amounted to EUR157.4 million, thus maintaining the pace and soundness of the preceding years. Amazonas 3, the first Ka-ban satellite in Latin America, was completed and successfully launched on 7 February, and the Amazonas 4A and Hispasat AG1 programmes were continued.

The Hispasat Group obtained a consolidated operating profit of EUR68.4 million, slightly lower than in 2012, due to higher depreciation and amortisation as a result of an increase in the fleet, with the implementation of the Amazonas 3 satellite, and to exchange rate differences.

This also impacted the pre-tax profit, which fell 3.5% to 66.3 million euros. Nevertheless, the net profit attributed to the parent company increased by 5.5% to EUR54.3 million