brings linear TV to programmatic advertising platform

Michelle Clancy | 06-03-2014 is launching a linear TV advertising placement service through its programmatic buying platform, Audience Path in a move that enables video ad buyers to place spots across both TV and digital inventories, gaining access to traditional age/sex demographics.

Linear TV campaigns air in the Marketplace, with potential reach to more than 90 million US TV households across nearly 100 cable networks.

Video buyers are now able to use a single technology platform to activate first- and third-party data and target relevant video ads to viewers across digital, mobile and linear TV environments. Audience Path for TV combines the best of Nielsen's panel-based audience measurement, Rentrak's set-top box viewing data and consumer purchase behaviour data to target audiences far beyond traditional TV age and gender demographics.

"The power of programmatic lies in its ability to break through the online and offline silos that have been created, and still exist, in video, as well as greatly increasing the value of our clients' investments across all screens in the process," said Kristi Argyilan, president for North America at MAGNA GLOBAL, an customer. "The addition of linear TV to this programmatic platform allows us to reach light TV viewers that are difficult to access through traditional TV-buying methods."

MAGNA GLOBAL estimates that nearly 70% of IP-delivered video will be transacted programmatically by 2017, with a growing share of mobile and linear TV advertising adopting that method to maximise the value of ad spend across screens.

"While television continues to garner the lion's share of video advertising revenue, advertisers and agencies are thinking and re-architecting their organisations for increasingly cross-screen transactions, driven by the fragmented viewing patterns of consumers," said Dan Ackerman, senior vice president of programmatic TV at "The expansion of our programmatic technology platform to include TV is the realization of just that, providing buyers with a single platform to plan, execute, optimise and report on their investments in video across every screen."