SE Asian mobile, online video ad markets soar

Joseph O'Halloran | 06-03-2014

Research from programmatic advertiser TubeMogul has revealed huge gains in Southeast Asia’s programmatic online video advertising market.

Covering Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, the TubeMogul State of Programmatic Video report tracked more than 2.2 billion desktop and mobile video streams in the last quarter of 2014, with ad slots up 26% per month to 864 million streams in December, fuelled by media companies looking to create more ad slots for brands.

Even though desktop and mobile video inventory levels varied across Asia, ads available for buying rose across the region. A doubling of mobile video ad inventory was a key driver. Thailand led the way with a 244% increase surge in mobile video ads from October to December, while the lowest growth market was the Philippines – and it grew 39%.

“Mobile is quickly becoming a platform for brands to reach consumers in Southeast Asia,” said TubeMogul Southeast Asia managing director, Phu Truong. “Publishers are making more of their content available for digital video advertisers to run branding campaigns on their desktop and mobile platforms.”

"Asia is a region that cannot be matched for untapped growth potential in digital,” added Miranda Dimopoulos, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) executive director Southeast Asia, Singapore chapter.

“The fact we dominate in smartphone penetration means what we unlock and establish over the coming years will set the standards for what success looks like in our industry … Dominant multiscreen realities only highlight the importance of understanding, through measurement, what is successful in the mobile space and how effectively content is being distributed through the diverse markets of the region. Accurate data and analysis is the key to businesses dominating their objectives in these communications channels."