Hispasat increases income, LATAM gains importance

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06-03-2014

Hispasat has increased its income by 0.57% in 2013 a figure which would have been 4.35% if not for the exchange rates invoicing 201.4 million, 55.6% of which came from Latin America.

The European market is still important, but the figures are far different from those experienced before the world's financial crisis. In 2008, 68.5% of Hispasat's business was carried out in Europe, mostly in Spain and Portugal, while 31.5% took place in Latin America.

"We are seriously betting on the internationalisation process which is driving growth and making our company able to face the difficult situation in the European market," explained Elena Pisonero, Hispasat's president. "We intend to keep on the same road for the coming years."

During 2013, Hispasat's investments reached 157.4 million, thanks to which the satellite's fleet was increased. The Amazonas 3 was launched in Latin America, from where the Amazonas 4A will be also launched in the coming months.

The company, which since last year has been controlled by Abertis, intends to diversify its satellite services, focusing on direct-to-home (DTH), over-the-top (OTT) and mobile data.