Deutsche Telekom's Entertain remains on growth course

Jörn Krieger | 06-03-2014

German telco Deutsche Telekom continues to record rising demand for its domestic IPTV platform Entertain with 56,000 new customers being added in Q4 2013.

The growth has been stronger than in Q2 2013 and Q3 2013 in which 42,000 and 43,000 new customers were signed up respectively. In total, Entertain had 2.18 million customers at the end of 2013, up 10.7% compared with the end of 2012 (1.97 million customers). This means that 17.6% of Telekom's broadband customers have opted for the IPTV service.

The business segment of broadband Internet access was affected by the strong competition with cable operators: the number of broadband customers dropped to 12.36 million from 12.43 million at the end of 2012. 1.5 million Telekom customers now use fibre optic lines (VDSL or FTTH) – an increase of 54% within one year.