ZDF Enterprises triggers Story House's Neanderthal Apocalypse

Jörn Krieger | 06-03-2014

For thousands of years, Neanderthals roamed the earth, but in a flash they disappeared from history: the Neanderthal extinction is one of history's most baffling mysteries.

But new information might solve this enduring riddle. Scientists now believe the Neanderthal was wiped out when a super volcano erupted 39,000 years ago. In a forthcoming documentary, a team of scientists investigates this volcanic annihilation theory questions whether if a super volcano spelled the end for Neanderthals, could a future eruption drive humans to extinction?

Neanderthal Apocalypse is being created in collaboration with partners including History (US), History (Canada), production company Story House Productions and Canadian firm C-Tales Entertainment.

The programme is currently still in production. ZDF Enterprises, the commercial arm of German public broadcaster ZDF, will handle worldwide sales. "This is a production which we feel will interest viewers around the world, seeing that the Neanderthals might very well have won the evolutionary race, leaving homo sapiens behind in the dust," said Nikolas Huelbusch, director of ZDFE.factual.