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Thread: Oscam dropping users, very strange!, please help....

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    Oscam dropping users, very strange!, please help....

    I have a problem, wondered if you'd be so kind to help?

    After around 6pm this evening about 75 percent of my clients are un-able to receive card data from me, although the remaining 25 percent can and continue to watch fine,

    I get anonymous disconnected from (IP address)

    The same thing happened the evening before, but around 3am it was working fine, up until around 6pm later that day (today)

    from the oscam log, I am currently using 9100, but i have used the latest revisions and its the same story, I have looked at my user file and there is no difference between the ones that can get cleared channels, and the ones that can't.

    All clients can connect to me, so not a DNS problem, but as i said, most can't watch cleared channels,

    Hope you can help?

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    Re: Oscam dropping users, very strange!, please help....

    I would uninstall oscam and do a clean installation. Sometimes when updating the bin file to a newer version, it can corrupt the config's.

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    Re: Oscam dropping users, very strange!, please help....

    check logs could be firewall in router or iptables blocking users, Clear iptables if using them and temporarily disable firewall in router see if that helps

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