UTECA's director resigns over DTT reform

Juan Fernandez Gonzalez | 07-03-2014

The Spanish association of private free-to-air (FTA) networks, UTECA, has entered into the never-ending debate about restructuring the country's DTT with the association's director resigning in protest again the government's inactivity.

Ever since the Spanish Supreme Court ruled that up to nine FTA channels had to be closed down, the Spanish Government keeps postponing the final decision. Spain's media companies are assuming that the channels will have to close, but are complaining about this uncertainty.

According to UTECA, the court's decision is due to an administrative failure and not the networks' activity. It says that the sentence "puts several channels at risk, reducing the offer for the audience and damaging Spain's audiovisual industry".

The ruling calls for the closure of three of Atresmedia's channels and two each from Mediaset, Veo TV and Net TV.

Last year the government said a decision would be made in January 2014 at the latest, coinciding with the spectrum restructuring to leave more space for LTE 4G networks. But, three months later, nothing has been announced.