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Thread: scanning channels on dm500s

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    scanning channels on dm500s

    hi guys,

    1--i install DSM image on New dm500s, then i connect dm500s with out Switch directly from LNB to Receiver just 10 foot of Coax Cable wire. And i make sure i am having very good Signal on all Sats etc.

    2--i load satellite.xml file in var/etc

    3--i scan the Sats one by one all 3 directions 110-118-119w.
    110w -- gives 500 of channels (included unknown & data etc scan)
    118w -- goves 300 of channels (included unknown & data etc scan)
    119w -- gives 700 of channels (included unknown & data etc scan)

    4--i received file from dm on to PC via dbedit, then i notice "there is no channel number aloted to all the channels", "some of them shows UNKNOWN", "some of them shows Data",

    So i am attaching this real scan 110-118-119w channel list, please have to look,

    if you can let me know "How to properly organize UNKNOWN & DATA channels" that will be great.

    waiting for your help,

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