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Thread: Issue with Users dropping out

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    Issue with Users dropping out

    Hi guys,

    Been using Oscam for months now and up until recently it's been fine, a few drop outs but nothing major.
    The problem I'm seeing is users dropping out, For example a user could be on a particular channel then all of a sudden the viewing freezes, if i run and check the logs on the Oscam server i don't see any lines to show me why this could be. In fact all i see under that users logs are channel found lines with good response times. The only thing i do see under the users tab i can see that the user has only been on the channel since the freeze so it looks like the user keeps dropping off, this happens for all users but again nothing in the logs to show why this could be.
    We have 1 local card and share with various CacheEX peers which is where most requests come from.

    Can anyone shed any light as I'm scratching my head at the minute.


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    Re: Issue with Users dropping out

    I had similar problem with 0963.
    Try dont use in oscam1 two different cache same time .. protocol: cccam ... mode: 3 and protocol: cs378x , mode:2.
    Im moved protocol: cs378x , mode:2. to seperate oscam2.
    I think is best to use every single protocol alone in oscam.
    Now Im using 4 oscams:
    oscam1 - local card readers
    oscam2 - cacheex3
    oscam3 - cs378x
    oscam4 - my peers with Nline, Clines

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