Second-screen app unveiled by MBC

Rebecca Hawkes | 10-03-2014

Pan-Arab free-to-air satellite TV broadcaster MBC is launching a second-screen mobile application to provide mobile users across the Middle East and North Africa with an enhanced viewing experience.

MBC Now delivers television content and programming information, as well as enriched social interaction, allowing users to easily connect online with others.

The phased launch, which began with an iOS version at the beginning of Ramadan, initially focuses on MBC's programming for the Muslim Holy Month, with a discussion group, reminders, a search feature and display advertising.

"The second phase, when launched towards end of Ramadan, will take social interactivity to a whole new level through the various application features, such as: Friends, Friend Activity, Chat, Memes, Social Polling, Featured Tweets and Friends Notifications, among many others," read a statement from the Dubai-based broadcast network.

Further personalised options will be added to the MBC Now app in the future, and it soon become available for Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows Mobile devices.

MBC Now currently ranks as the eigth most popular app in Saudi Arabia, and the tenth most popular in the UAE. It ranks first and second among entertainment apps in the UAE and Saudi Arabia respectively.