Televisa demos UltraHD 4KTV distribution

Editor | 10-03-2014

Mexico’s Televisa, which claims to be the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world, has announced the successful demonstration of UltraHD 4KTV content delivery.

As part of the multi-vendor 4K transmission tests, performed on premises at Televisa’s teleport in Mexico City, Televisa deployed NovelSat NS3 satellite transmission technology which reached a top transmission rate of 124Mbps in sustained test conditions.

To reach the 124Mbps milestone, while still retaining guard band integrity, Televisa transmitted a 4K stream with a resolution of 3480x2160 using a NovelSat NS1000 Satellite Modulator and NovelSat NS2000 satellite demodulator which were already deployed as a part of the Televisa network. The test gear was equipped with NovelSat NS3 satellite transmission technology and NovelSat DDC technology which dynamically compensates for distortion caused by the non-linearity of the signals.

With such as bit-rate improvement, said the company, Televisa expressed confidence that it would be able to “dramatically” enhance the quality of its high-end 4K content which will be delivered eventually to its pay-TV brands in Mexico and the rest of the world, including Univisión in the US.

“Televisa continues to pursue innovation by being among the first broadcasters to deliver 4K programming as a contribution process and in the future for special events,” commented William Aguirre, Televisa’s director of satellite operation. “Deciding to offer 4K content gives us a competitive edge. NovelSat NS3 gives us the highest quality and most efficient transmission we have seen.”