55% of Europeans likely to buy Ultra HD

March 10, 2014 07.43 Europe/London By Broadband TV News Correspondent

Ultra HD, also known as 4K, should receive a positive reaction from European consumers, according to the latest survey results from Strategy Analytics’ ConsumerMetrix service.

The report, Ultra HDTV: More Than Half Would Buy, found that 15% of respondents in a survey of more than 4,000 people across France, Germany, Italy and the UK said they would be very likely to buy an Ultra HDTV, and 41% said they would be somewhat likely to buy one in the next two years.

Other conclusions from the survey included that awareness of the term Ultra HD is much higher than either 4K TV or UHD; Awareness of Ultra HD declines with age and increases with income.

Two thirds of higher income households would be willing to buy an Ultra HDTV; Intention to buy Ultra HDTV peaks in the 25-34 age group and other indicators of intention to buy Ultra HDTV are number of children in the household and ownership of surround sound systems

“The outlook for Ultra HD is positive, assuming that it meets consumers’ performance and value expectations,” says David Mercer, principal analyst and the report’s author.

“In any case our research confirms that many people are still interested in improving their big screen television experience.”