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Thread: how to convert V-tps.db to tps.bin

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    how to convert V-tps.db to tps.bin

    From V-tps.db to tps.bin


    How to convert V-tps.db, which is received via
    satellite as an autoupdate file for TPS with Vplug
    to tps.bin, which is a key file previously used
    to open TPS with the earlier version of Vplug?

    Is there any convertion software or have we patiently to wait?

    That means an opportunity to have
    tps.bin without Internet connection.

    Thank you in advance for future replies.

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    Re: how to convert V-tps.db to tps.bin

    please if you know how to convert V-tps.db to tps.bin
    tell me

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