Second-screen app launched for MENA

Rebecca Hawkes | 10-03-2014

A second-screen app called Synclie is launching in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at Cabsat 2014 following a tie up between the Choueiri Group's Digital Media Services (DMS) and AJ Consulting subsidiary SynkOnAir.

The new app's content recognition technology allows viewers to auto-sync with TV shows, adverts, videos, music, celebrity news, trivia, pull cast details, Twitter messages, related Web pages, and share any of it via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media service in the MENA. Furthermore, coupons, offers and social currency can be exchanged for goods and services.

"It doesn't matter which channel a viewer is surfing, or which favourite show they are tuned in to; with Synclie's Smart Sync Technology, TV viewers will get an enhanced, rich experience directly related to the content they are watching, as they're watching it. They even get rewarded for it – with only the press of a Sync it button. We're certain that Synclie will become the region's favourite TV companion app," said Michel Malkoun, managing director, DMS.

Synclie is available in English and Arabic and will operate across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android and desktops.