Arabsat extends relationship with Globecast

March 10, 2014 14.48 Europe/London By Robert Briel

arabsat-5aGlobecast have extended their relationship with Arbasat for the distribution of the Global Arabic Bouquet (GAB).

GAB is a grouping of premium Arabic channels from the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) that has been made available across the world since the establishment of this relationship in 2004.

Since the launch of their partnership, Globecast, Arabsat and ASBU have expanded the Global Arabic Bouquet’s potential viewership and footprint, offering a single global coverage to ASBU members.

Arabic language channels are now able to join the bouquet and reach viewers on all five continents free to air. Globecast – Arabsat and ASBU’s partner for the worldwide distribution of the GAB – is providing all the technical services required for end-to-end delivery.

“It’s pleasing that this partnership is being extended for a further five years. This is a reflection of our continued technical leadership and also our customer service,” said Georges Baroud, CEO Globecast Middle East.

“We look forwards to another five years as we believe that in partnership with Arabsat and ASBU we have created a strong, global platform for expats and newcomers to the Arabic world alike.”

Khalid Balkheyour, Arabsat president and CEO, added “We need to ensure both quality of service and cost-effectiveness and partnering with Globecast achieves this. This has been proven across the years of our relationship. We are proud to bring a flavor of the Arabic world to the world.”