True Detective finale crashes HBO GO

Michelle Clancy | 11-03-2014

True Detective, HBO's breakout, critically acclaimed crime drama, wrapped up its season last week but took a big black eye when its HBO GO TV everywhere platform crashed essentially from consumer demand for the episode.

The streaming site went down just as viewers flocked to see how the series starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, and which was averaging 10.9 million viewers per week, ended. Unlike most shows, true Detective is a self-contained story arc, so season two will move on to new characters and actors, thus upping the ante.

HBO was quick to issue a statement: "Due to overwhelming interest in the season finale of True Detective, HBO GO was hit with an excessive amount of traffic soon after 9pm ET last night. The issue has since been rectified and the service is now back to normal."

The premium cable network also sent a follow-up tweet assuring users that "the issues affecting HBO GO last night have been resolved."