TV demand dips in China

Editor | 11-03-2014

New research from IHS Technology has revealed a marketed dip in demand for products such as TVs in China during 2013, leading to a general fall in the country’s consumer electronics market.

The analyst calculated in the China Consumer Electronics Market Changes Strategies report that the combined unit shipments for the chief products comprising the overall Chinese consumer electronics industry fell last year to 710.2 million units, a 9% fall compared with 2012. Such a decline, it adds, is compelling the country’s manufacturers to devise new strategies for growth. Yet one of the CE segmenbts that did show gains comapred with 2012 was LCD TV.

“Last year was the third straight year of declining shipments and the second consecutive year of revenue contraction for the Chinese consumer electronics space,” commented Horse Liu, principal analyst for the connected home at IHS. “The cessation of government subsidies for consumer electronics products played a major role in the annual decline.”

But while shipments will continue to decelerate during the next few years, IHS Technology predicts that CE revenue will continue to be strong in 2014. Total shipments for the major device categories are projected to amount to 674.2 million units while revenue is forecast to reach $104.8 billion, up from $99.0 billion in 2013.