YuMe launches Video Reach programmatic branding for TV ads

Michelle Clancy | 11-03-2014

YuMe has launched Video Reach, a programmatic branding solution that enables agency trading desks and brand advertisers to make use of first-party data-based audience figures without the use of cookies.

"Brand advertisers are having difficulty embracing programmatic video due to scale concerns, inferior targeting algorithms and being limited to online only," said Jayant Kadambi, co-founder and CEO at YuMe. "In fact, the bulk of programmatic support doesn't include mobile, tablet and connected TV. So, we built a solution that alleviates all of these concerns and more helping TV brand advertisers fully embrace programmatic video advertising, across all screens."

The new solution works by targeting through SDK-integration and multiscreen reach. While Video Reach and the existing YuMe Connected Audience Network will both draw from PQI-graded video inventory, the offerings will differ in the way they are sold. Video Reach will be sold by a separate and unique sales team, specifically trained to sell to trading desks, and assist with the technical integration component.

"TV brand advertisers who are already extending their campaigns with digital video using our Connected Audience Network have been asking for a product that offers more cost-effective reach," said Kadambi. "Similar to the way they diversify their TV schedule with broadcast and cable across both prime time and other day parts to meet both reach and budget goals, we're providing a method for them to do that with digital video. Having both our Connected Audience Network and Video Reach allows us to serve distinctive needs across the campaign objectives of any brand campaign."

Kadambi added: "It's without a doubt the early days for video programmatic, but Video Reach will serve as a beacon to large traditional brand advertisers, as they adapt to the fragmented and complex digital video advertising environment."