Vonetize plots 4K streaming app for Samsung connected TVs

Michelle Clancy | 11-03-2014

Vonetize is planning to release a dedicated smart TV app on Samsung connected televisions for global UltraHD 4K TV streaming,

In addition to the dedicated 4K application, Vonetize will be integrating 4K content into its existing content services such as Total Music, Planet Knowledge, Baby Channel, Bollywood Channel and its premium video-on-demand (VOD) service, dubbed SmartVOD.

Vonetize licenses content from Disney, Warner Bros, Miramax and others, and plans to further integrate 4KTV across its global content offering.

"As 4K TVs are clearly the next big step-up in home-entertainment quality, solving the high demands of delivering 4K video over Internet was a great challenge," said Noam Josephides, Vonetize's CEO. "Vonetize is now in a position to offer content from the world's top producers, in the highest visual experience available in the market today."

4K offers a resolution of 38402160, or four times higher than full HD. To support 4K, Vonetize uses HEVC (H.265) streaming. A fast Internet connection of minimum 16Mbps is required to support the streaming quality.