Satellite 2014 bids Bausch fond farewell

March 12, 2014 09.29 Europe/London By Cynthia Ritchie, Satellite 2014, Washington DC

de Rosen pays tribute to BauschTo round off the ‘Big Four’ plenary session at Satellite 2014 session, all three competing CEOs paid the warmest of public tributes to Romain Bausch, who will be leaving the helm of SES after 20 years. In a scene similar to the typical office leaving party, de Rosen unveiled a mocked-up photo of all four CEOs in Tour de France cycling outfits. Unsurprisingly, Bausch revelled in the free promotion of his star customer, Sky.

McGlade, Goldberg both paid effusive tribute to Bausch, but it was the remarks of de Rosen, with whom Bausch competed most vigorously, which clearly the most closely listened to. “Over the years, sometimes I was really you p**sed at you, but in these battles, you get to see the soul of a person, and you are impossible to hate.” There was genuine warmth and respect as all players reminded the audience that this was only ‘au revoir’, since Bausch would continue to serve on the SES board after his departure from the CEO position.