ABOX42 shows innovative OTT DVB solution

March 12, 2014 16.26 Europe/London By by Robert Briel, Cable Congress 2014, Amsterdam

ABOX42-TV-Screen_OTT_DVB-140310Abox42 is showing an innovative OTT DVB solution for its smart STBs to deliver full “DVB-like” TV experience over the internet.

The solution is demoed at the Cable Congress in Amsterdam and will also be shown at next week’s TV Connect in London.

OTT DVB allows the operator to provide a full TV experience to the enduser´s television set, using the unmanaged internet. Now the end user can enjoy the same TV experience like with traditional DVB-C or multicast IPTV.

OTT technologies such as HLS were developed mainly for mobile devices like Tablets, without having a complete TV experience in mind. Basic features such Teletext or advanced functions like HbbTV are not yet supported with traditional OTT implementations.

ABOX42′s OTT DVB solution technically combines for the first time features required for television using OTT protocols and market proven standard head end systems.

In addition to the OTT DVB solution the ABOX42 Smart STBs provide the complete functionality of the ABOX42 Smart SDK like support of 3rd party VOD services and 3rd party Smart TV Apps. ABOX42 already supports a wide selection of the 3rd party middleware solutions to meet even the most demanding operator requirements.

The ABOX42 OTT DVB solution is suited for all operators who do not own a managed network and therefore can not deploy multicast IPTV. For operators with their own network, OTT DVB provides an alternative to traditional IPTV. TV services are easier to deploy with OTT DVB, since it works with the same technologies and head ends like multi screen services.

„The leading ABOX42´s OTT DVB solution matches the current and upcoming requirements of operators and their customers and is the answer to our clients´ explicit needs. We see more and more operators go for multi screen and therefore require OTT technologies in their head end. With our OTT DVB solution these operators are now able to use the same technologies for their main TV services using OTT DVB,“ said Matthias Greve, CEO of ABOX42 GmbH.

“The first roll outs of our OTT DVB solution are in progress in Europe and Asia.”

The ABOX42 OTT DVB works side by side with the ABOX42 3rd generation of IPTV solution to give IPTV operators the possibility to seamlessly integrate OTT TV streams into their multicast channel line up. This helps IPTV operators to add many more channels (e.g. foreign language) without increasing the bandwidth of their multicast backbone.