Youtoo plans for social TV in the Middle East
Rebecca Hawkes | 12-03-2014

Youtoo, a US-based interactive TV software company is setting up shop in Dubai and working with local media outlets to launch social TV across the Middle East.

The company claims to have already attracted a couple of prominent investors in the Middle East, and to be working with some major players in the region to introduce interactive social TV to the market.

"Social TV allows viewers to directly interact in real time with TV programming using video, pictures, voting and social media for people to experience themselves on TV in full broadcast HD quality from the web or their mobile device. This revolutionary software changes the way everyone views and interacts with television," Christopher Wyatt, founder and CEO of Youtoo Technologies, told Gulf News.

The technology uses mobile apps, social media and TV websites to drive viewership and new revenues for TV networks, Saud Al Twalah, CEO of Youtoo Technologies Middle East, told the UAE daily.

Markets & Markets forecast the market for global social TV will grow from US$151.14 billion this year to $256.44 billion by 2017.