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Thread: subtitle for dreambox 500s

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    subtitle for dreambox 500s

    i have dreambox 500s and i want to put subtitle on the movie..can you help me?

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    Re: subtitle for dreambox 500s

    You can use Drtic subtitler on any Dreambox.
    Google "Drtic subtitles" where you get instruction and the plugin to download. Install it in your Dreambox.

    You can get the subtitle files on several pages, a popular one is "Open subtitles". They are either in .srt, or .sub, or .txt format. All of these have to be changed to .dtc format. It requires a program vDrtic which you can find and download if you google "". Put it on your PC. To change the format to .dtc open vDrtic program and drag and drop the required subtitles file onto the center field of the program. Then open C:\Program Files\vDrtic\Temp folder on your PC (if you have put the program in Program Files) and you´ll see your .dtc file there. Put it in your Dreambox in /var/tuxbox/Drtic/tit folder, take your Dream´s remote > Main menu > Plugins > select and start Drtic and there you have your subtitles.

    You can only use vDrtic to convert .srt and .sub subtitle files to .dtc. In case of .txt files you need another program for conversion to .dtc. It´s jDrtic, which you can download from the Drtic page. It only works if you have Java installed on your PC.

    If you make it up to this point, I´ll let you know how to maneuver the subtitles to keep them synchronized with the audio in the picture. Good luck.

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