Hopster Launches With Unlimited, On-Demand TV And Learning App For Kids Aged 2-6
No Ads, No Unexpected In-App Payments - Only Good Stuff

13 March, 2014 - LONDON, UK Ė Parents concerned about the quality of kids TV, bamboozled by the choice of mobile apps, or frustrated with ads and unexpected in-app payments need worry no longer. Hopster, the new unlimited, subscription based TV and learning app for preschoolers makes screen time good for kids and guilt-free for parents by combining world-class kids TV shows with fun learning games.

Family viewing habits are changing. Kidís total time spent watching TV is in decline. Complementing the traditional big screen is a host of new devices and a range of new content. With over 60% of children aged 2-6 in the UK having access to an iPad and half of parents spending £10-14.99 a month on digital content, this new world has created new issues for parents. Research conducted for Hopster by specialist youth research agency Dubit, found that the expense of digital content, worries about in-app payments and concerns over quality programming topped a list of parentsí concerns. As kids use of digital continues to grow, thereís increasing desire for high quality, safe, on-demand content that parents can trust.

Developed in accordance with the UK Early Years Foundation, multiple international learning curriculums and leading educationalists, Hopster is the first app to ever be granted a U rating by the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), ensuring content is particularly suitable for preschoolers.

ďThe U rating is well recognised by parents in the UK as marking content thatís particularly suitable for younger childrenĒ, added David Austin, Assistant Director at the BBFC. ďOur primary role is protecting children from unsuitable content and ensuring parents can make informed choices about what their children watch. The TV shows and games on the Hopster app are all classified according to the BBFC Guidelines, which are based on regular and large-scale public consultation exercises. By only providing content that is classified U, the Hopster app gives parents the confidence that their children are accessing age appropriate TV shows and games.Ē

How Hopster works
Hopster is available for iPad and designed exclusively for 2-6 year olds. You can download the app for free from the App Store and then unlock the full range of content for a monthly subscription fee of only £3.99 Ė which is easy to administer because itís linked to your Apple account, and easy to cancel anytime if you wish.

Hopsterís library includes over 1000 episodes of world-class programmes that are available on-demand and will capture the imagination of any toddler. New episodes are added weekly from shows such as Babar, Madeline, Paddington Bear and 64 Zoo Lane to Monster Math Squad, Louis, Ben & Hollyís Little Kingdom and Tractor Tom.

Whatís more, the team behind Hopster has created a beautiful world thatís a pleasure for kids to swipe through and explore entirely on their own. And because there are no ads, and no sneaky in-app purchases, parents can rest assured they wonít be hit with a surprise bill or toy request from their toddler.

Nick Walters, Hopster Founder added, ďHopsterís a new type of kids TV service designed for touch screens first. The magic of touch screens is that they enable us to put two screens in one: combining brilliant TV shows and fun, learning games, all in a beautiful world thatís a pleasure to swipe through and explore. Itís a completely different experience from linear TV or conventional video on demand services. In fact, itís never been done before and itís an experience we think kids and parents are going to love.Ē

Hopsterís full range of programmes currently includes subscription video on demand episodes of kidís favourites: Ben & Hollyís Little Kingdom, Humf, Tractor Tom, Babar, Babar and the Adventures of Badou, Little Bear, Max & Rub, Maggie & The Ferocious Beast, SuperWhy, Madeline, Paddington Bear, Monster Math Squad, 64 Zoo Lane, Pablo the Little Red Fox and Louie. More will be announced in the coming months.