Brazil demanded that the Shop Tour, Mega TV and TV Cachoeira channels reduce their advertising space
by Hernán Amaya | March 13, 2014

The Brazilian Federal Justice ordered channels Shop Tour, Mega TV and TV Cachoeira to reduce their ad space, since they were exceeding the limit established at 25%. The networks will have to adequate their programming in less than 60 days.

The three channels have almost their whole programming dedicated to telesales services. TV Shop Tour was born in 1987 as a sales show and in 2001 was able to launch its own channel. Mega TV belongs to Grupo Objetivo and was originated after the extinction of CBI (news channel), while TV Cachoeira had been a TV Shop Tour repeater up until 2011.

The judicial process began in 2007 as an Intervozes initiative, an organization which defends the communication rights in Brazil. The decision also imposed a fine to the broadcasters for “collective moral damages”; each channel will have to pay 1% of their 2006 gross revenues.