Netflix, DreamWorks plot original kids' series with familiar leads

Michelle Clancy | 14-03-2014

DreamWorks Animation and Netflix have announced plans to produce three new original series for kids, set to debut in late 2014.

But the series aren't that much of a gamble considering that they all feature familiar faces: the titles are King Julien (from Madagascar), Puss in Boots (from Shrek) and Veggie Tales in the House (from the well-known Bible study characters).

"We could not be having more fun as we create this content for Netflix," said Margie Cohn, head of television at DreamWorks. "Each show is so diverse and the platform gives us so many opportunities to play with our characters in new and surprising ways. Our goal is to keep the audience always wondering what we'll come up with next."

Netflix is also adding more episodes from the first season of Turbo FAST, available for streaming on 4 April. The show, Netflix's first original series for kids, launched at Christmas last year. And, the streaming giant is adding the feature film Turbo as well.

"I am pretty sure this is the first time the word 'beloved' has been applied to a cat, a lemur, vegetables and snails in the same sentence, but DreamWorks Animation has an incredible knack for creating characters that kids around the world adore," said Cindy Holland, Netflix vice president of original content. "We're very excited to launch the new episodes of Turbo FAST in the coming weeks, and the three new series by the end of the year."

The agreement between DreamWorks and Netflix to develop original children's content was first announced last year.