Dotscreen makes francetvsport app available on Live Box Play TV

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 14-03-2014

Dotscreen has developed France Télévisions' application francetvsport to allow Orange subscribers to view and replay, directly on their set-top box, all of France Télévisions' programming around the Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Initially designed and developed by France Télévisions, this connected TV application was adapted to the latest generation Orange Livebox Play TV set-top boxes from the first day of the Sochi Olympic Games.

This application was offered to television viewers both in the home menu of the box and on the free-to-air channels.

Each day viewers could see a wrap-up by France Télévisions of all the Sochi Olympic Games competitions or view videos of each discipline. A similar programme was offered for the winter Paralympic Games.

This partnership between both companies follows a series of collaborative projects, including the development of the francetv Pluzz application for certain smart TV brands, the Zouzous application for children, and the creation of the HbbTV-augmented television application.