Germany to reduce TV and radio licence fee

Jörn Krieger | 14-03-2014

The licence fee for Germany's public TV and radio broadcasters will drop by €0.48 to €17.50 per month from 2015, the federal states' prime ministers decided at their latest assembly in Berlin.

The reason for the move is the excess revenue of more than €1 billion expected to be generated through the transition to the new licence fee system on 1 January 2013 in the current licence fee period which runs until 2016.

It's the first time in German history that the fee for the public broadcasters will be reduced. This means that each German household will save €5.76 per year.

The prime ministers also decided that the licence fee will remain stable until 2019. The federal states' parliaments still have to approve the corresponding change in the media law.

Furthermore, the prime ministers want to evaluate the possibility to gradually reduce the amount of commercials on public radio stations and possibly on public TV channels.